Friday, August 24, 2007

Dekline Killer Sixers

Ok, first off to help avoid confusion. There are two different shoes Sixers(hightop) and Captains(slpi-ons) each come in a regular, but still limited to one run, and limited release.
The pick below is of the Killer Sixer. It is a Grass Hut Exclusive and goes on sale Wednesday the 29th. They are $120 and limited to 35 pairs. Each pair comes with a print, and gold killer keychain/zipperpull. the shoe is denim, croc, and metallic gold, with white foxing(the rubber that wraps around the shoe). Check the catog section on wednesday for ordering instructions. The limited version runs from size 8-13.
I have a just a few pairs of slip-ons left with the gold foxing, and have restocked with regular edition slips to fill size gaps eh. go to the catalog section to order eh.

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