Wednesday, October 24, 2007

customs this friday

mightinglobby #5, #6, #4
steven the bat #33-#41. these are all signed and numbered like the rest of the hand painted stevens and are also a special edition of 9 blood and guts just like how mom would have wanted. Each one has layer upon layer of semi trans bloods and guts. So's if you were to peel off the first couple layers of steven's healthy skin (please don't do that) this is what steven would look like. Each one comes in the B and G box with the print.

Got a new batch of customs coming this friday. Waitlisters will get first dibs. This has been a PSA from the department of spray. Thank you. Waitlisters. Will contact you guys prolly in the morning, but if i have a moment will send out the mailer tonite late. And if i feel frisky will put some bigger pics up on flick eh. thanks.

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cbeast99 said...

yippee! oh boy, hope to hear from you bwana...cheers from the waitlist!