Thursday, April 17, 2008

see ya

Off to japan (Thrash Out and Superfest) for a bit, then to greece. So will only be answering emails sporadically.
A few things of note.
1. lego guys all come fleshy coloured and carry guns now. Not guns that you make with lego parts, just flat out guns. Most of the fleshy guys are "white". nothing new to lego geeks, just a trippy observation.
2. I killed my favorite paintbrush. It broke about 4 months ago, then I bandaged it up, but it finally died yesterday working on the last bits for the thrash out show.
3. This saturday, the same day as the thrash out show. Fully Visual releases "My Totem Steven". I'll have a few at Superfest, but the rest FV will have.
See ya soon.

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