Wednesday, May 21, 2008

sorry for the lapse eh

Hi peeples. I was out of town for a good stretch. Now i'm back and getting back into the swing eh. A few points of radness. The folks at yosemite studio in Eagle Rock , California have the next show at grass hut. I have been looking forward to this one for quite a while as I am in love the these guys work. Martha Rich, Souther Salazar, Esther Pearl Watson, Mark Todd, maybe Carlos Ramos, and Seonna Hong. You guys know these peeples work. these guys are high rollers. Seonna Just completed a show at Kaikaikiki (murakami's own gallery in Tokyo). And i think we will be lucky to get a pencil sketch, let alone a painting from her. really- i think we are just getting one piece and that will make me giggle with glee. heres some pics eric at GR took from her show.
I think Martha, Souther, and Seonna are coming out to the show as well. So a good chance to meet them in person. yeah, come on out and pack this place and show our artists how much the pacific Northwest appreciates them flying out. getting hyper excited.

Working on my next gargamel release, a standard sized cosmos series Hedo. I'm doing the sprays myself on these. This will come with a print, and i am working on the print art now. Also thinking i may go back and make a print for the cosmos smogon I did a while ago.

I just started drawing today again after a few weeks of just noodling around with my toys and hiking in other lands. This drawing Blows. I think my Operating System is off, but my brain is trucking now on my solo at Artoyz this sept in paris. "Monster".
War, garbage, extinction, and new life.

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