Friday, July 6, 2007

new customs

I am working on a new batch of Edward customs for SDCC, whatever ones don't find homes in san diego will go to the waitlisters after the convention. Originally I was working on 5 for new colorways fer maxtoyco to make, and a series of 10 glow done sorta factory style so I could offer them at a lower price... but all my colors for max were coming out too complicated to have folks at the factory do runs of, and I couldn't help myself with the glows making each one different. So it turns out I am working on the biggest load of edward customs yet. 15 edward the gators all completely made with cosmic spattery rainbow love. At the same time I am working on 4 new Killer cusoms too. No pics yet. Will have a few when I get back home. Shwuuu.

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bwana spoons said...

So I just finished, but only got 12 edwards done. All look very sexy and shiny.