Sunday, July 8, 2007

wild forest dogs?

So I have been staying in this cabin in the northern california woods for the past weeks. I come here a couple times a year, and I have seen some cool and trippy things... 4 foot tall any mounds, a cleanly severed kingfisher head. But yesterday collision took the cake. The trail by the cabin makes a big loop around a little lake. One side is grasslands, the other side is forested. Walking the forested side with my two dogs, we were ambushed by a pack of wild dogs. They came racing down thru the forest, either 5 or 6 of them and surrounded my dogs (about 20 steps in front of me) in a flurry of dust and leaves, all of them slarling and barking, including my dogs. I had a big walking stick in my hand, and when I charged they all scattered up into the woods about 50 feet holding their ground. We had a shout out for a few minutes, and then I started throwing stones and they retreated further back into the forest. Later howling like hound dogs or coyotes.
I have heard and seen wild urban/suburban ferrel dogs before. But forest dogs? Has anybody come across this before? There are other homes thru out the forest but nobody that I know of in the area has lots of dogs running wild.


Luster Kaboom said...

we have wild forest dogs in our neighbor hood but we live in the ghetto! sometimes i throw rocks at them but they throw them back.

Anonymous said...

I have Bwana! When I was a kid growing up in the mountains of southern New Mexico. Tourist pets and stray dogs would pack together and hunt deer and smaller prey. They were pretty damn scary when they would roll on you. I have heard of packs as big as 20-25 dogs. Scary crap!! Glad you were not mauled!!