Friday, July 6, 2007

SDCC exclusives

Pu-Pu Bros. will be back at San Diego Comic Con this year. We are at booth #5036 We gots an allstar packwad featuring Martin Ontiveros, Justin Scrappers Morrison, Le Merde, and myself.
Each of us will have a nice load of new goodies, premieres, and exclusives.
My first and brand new shoes from Dekline will premiere at the show, and I will have an exclusive slip-on featuring Killer just for the show limited to 30 pairs. Denim with metallic gold foxing. Yeah!
Brown Metal Steven (Super 7 x Bwana) which you can get from myself or Super 7.
Polka Spot Edward the Gator (MaxToyCo x Bwana) available thru Maxtoyco and myself.
Globby first edition mini-mini (Gargamel x Bwana). Color is secret right now, even to me.
A few will be necklace style and the rest little fat mini-minis.
1 maybe 2 ______ (Gargamel x Bwana) Special SDCC secrets. 11am friday at the booth.
Cosmic Beer Floater Killer (Gargamel x Bwana). These will be made available friday the 13th, a few weeks before SDCC.
A really nice load of Edward customs, along with a few others for good luck.
Plus the usual assortment of tees, prints, comics, zines, and original arts. Mostly small originals, since I have a show in denver the week before.
OK, I think that's it. Hope to see you there. It's gonna be radical eh.



The new stuff looks amazing..
i wontr be flying out to the sdcc this year,,, i'll will be forced to to a blood hound hunt down,,
hope all is well, , , ,

bwana spoons said...

thanks man. So much good stuff from everybody. i feel like it will be hard to keep up even while i am there. Last year I tried to wait in line for James jarvis, but gave up and had to go back to my booth after half an hour.

Anonymous said...

did the shoes sell out?? nOOO i must have em